Marquee4U is a feature rich marquee scroller module for your Joomla! website byJoomla4U

Marquee4U is a option rich scrolling marquee module for your Joomla 3.x website. When a client asked for a scrolling marquee for their Joomla website I did not find one that was free, worked or looked good so I went to work developing Marquee4U. This is the end results!  You can customize Marquee4U to your website's demanding look and feel using any or all of the module options Marquee4U gives you...

General Settings

  • Data from external source?: Here you will have four options, Custom Data Marquee, Text File Marquee, RSS Feed Marquee & Joomla Category Marquee;
    • External URL: Type in the URL path to an external TEXT file (Please note: if your text file is located within your Joomla! install do not include http://, https://, or your domain name. Just type in the 'filename.extension' and include any subfolder where your text file resides. On the other hand, if the text file resides on another domain, you need to include http://, https://, the domain name and any additional subfolders.) or RSS Feed to scroll (the same pathing rules apply with RSS Feeds as with using text files).
    • RSS Display Options: Select how you wish to render your RSS Feed.
    • Number of RSS Feeds: Type in how many RSS Feeds you wish to scroll.
    • Character count: Type in how many characters to display from the external TEXT file or RSS Feed Article. NOTE: To show all, type in a number high enough to scroll the entire data string.
    • Joomla Category Marquee: Once selected configure your general Marquee4U settings. You will also need to click onto the Category Settings tab to assign your specific Joomla category(s) and set the balance of options to your needs. Please note: This category feature is using modified code of the native Joomla Newsfeed module. This makes using and setting category options very easy!
  • Marquee text: Type in text to scroll (Basic HTML tags supported)
  • Hyperlink marquee: Yes/No
  • Hyperlink: URL on marquee mouse click
  • Hyperlink window: Select 'Same Window' or 'New Window or Tab'
  • Font Style: Select your marquee text font style
  • Marquee font color: Choose what color your marquee text will be
  • Marquee link color: Choose what color your marquee link text will be
  • Marquee link hover color: Choose what color your marquee link on hover text will be
  • Marquee background color: Choose what color your marquee background will be
  • Marquee border: Enter thickness of marquee border in pixels
  • Border style: Select border style
  • Marquee border color: Choose what color your marquee border color will be
  • Marquee font size: Enter your marquee font size. Make sure to add either 'px' or 'em' after your font size value.
  • Marquee font line-height: Enter your marquee font line-height to adjust the position of your text (top/bottom) within your Marquee4U box. Make sure to add either 'px' or 'em' after your font size value. If left blank (default) this setting will be generated by your template.
  • Marquee height: Enter height of marquee.  Make sure to add either 'px' or 'em' after your height size value.
  • Marquee width: Enter width of marquee.  Make sure to add either 'px', 'em' or '%' after your width size value.
  • Marquee bottom margin: Enter in pixels extra bottom margin space of marquee. Make sure to add either 'px' or 'em' after your margin size value.
  • Marquee speed: Enter speed (in milliseconds) scroll
  • Gap between tickers: Space between repeating marquee text
  • Delay before start: Enter delay (in milliseconds) timer before scrolling
  • Marquee direction: 'Left to Right', 'Right to Left', 'Top to Bottom' & 'Bottom to Top'
    • Force right to left direction: Yes/No option appears when 'Left to Right' & 'Right to Left' is selected
    • Spacing between feeds: option appears when 'Top to Bottom' & 'Bottom to Top' is selected
  • Duplicate marquee: Yes/No
  • Pause on hover: Yes/No

It's all there within one super light-weight module and the best part of Marquee4U... IT'S 100% FREE to download, use, abuse and enjoy!